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Complete marketing service for your company and product lines. If your company is a factory, we can promote your production line in several languages (English, Spanis ). Recruitment of distributors in more than 30 countries. We have a wealth of experience that you can benefit from with a minimal investment.

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Just tell us about your company status and needs. Product selection time.



We will offer you a personalized budget and the timeline of our work



Once the budget is accepted, we start working immediately.

Goals and Benefits

+ Brand image


+ Market Position


+ Improved sales



100 %


Built from scratch

Data Secure

Maximum secuirity

Support 24-7

Working for you

  • Adwords

    investment in google adwords campaigns for a year. One of the most effective services of the moment

    $ 1200
  • Call Center

    Recruitment of Distributors and sellers in the markets of interest to your company.

    $ 1400
  • Full Cannels

    If you are a seller, we will expand the number of sales channels, capturing as many potential customers as possible.

    $ 1250

Additional services

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